What is Wallabout?

Named after the historic area of Brooklyn once known as Wallabout Bay, the Wallabout Film Festival is a student film festival produced and curated by an interdisciplinary team of students from Pratt Institute. Showcasing films by innovative student filmmakers from around the world, Wallabout is a platform for students to screen their work to a diverse community of peers as well as industry professionals, initiating conversation and collaboration. Set in Brooklyn, the annual event contributes to the vibrant creative culture of NYC.

When and where does Wallabout take place?

Wallabout 2017, our 9th annual festival, will take place on April 20 at the Wythe Hotel! Stay connected with us via the social media links at the top of the site.

Where can I find out more about submitting?

Information about submissions may be found under the Submit tab above.

If my film is selected, should I attend Wallabout?

Yes! Wallabout is not only a film festival, but also a way to network with other creative students, and an opportunity to meet industry professionals at our party! We would love to see you there!

Who will be judging the films at Wallabout?

A panel of industry professionals typically make up Wallabout’s jury – a cross-section of filmmakers, programmers, journalists, academics, and other industry. In addition, attendees get to have their say as well through Wallabout’s Audience Award.